My Dad S/Sgt 19th Engineers

Hi All when my dad came home he was with the 2636 M.P. Company 230th. When he left Naples he was a 230th M.P. He went in the Army in1939 at Ft. Sill 3rd section Company D. !8th Field Artillery. In 1940 he went to Ft. Ord California where they were designated 19th Engineers (My records say the 39th Engineer Regiment (general service) redesignated as the 19th Engineer Regiment (Combat) on July 1st 1940). He went to Ft Dix in July 1942 then to England on the Queen Elizabeth in Sept 1942 then to Oran north Africa to Tunisia to Italy and was in Naples in 1945 when he was injured and came home on the USAHS Seminole. He was very proud to be a 19th Combat Engineer how or why he hooked up with the 230th M.P. Company I do not know I do know he was a Platoon Leader his discharge papers say so.


Thank you so much for listening.




Hi Stan, welcome to the forum. We have had discussions here on the 19th Engineers, cant find the topic links right now, maybe Marion can help with that.

The 230th MP Bn was under command of the Peninsular Base Section in Italy.

It wasnt unusual to be transfered to another unit after being injured or to facilitate sending men home at the end of the war. It would seem to me your dad had enough points to go home by 1945 & the 230th was his "ticket" home.

My dad was in the 706th MP Bn from `42 - `45 had a similar situation in `45 when the 706th was being sent to the CBI theater. He was sent home with the 347th MP Co.


Sorry it has taken me a few days to welcome you. I do apologize.


One more thing to add about his affiliation with the MP Co....It also wasn't unusual for some of the men to be attached to other units when it came time to ship home. Sounds strange, but it did occur.


Here are some links regarding the 19th. In fact, Ernest Wayne Warner, 19th Combat Engineer, is featured extensively within my documentary.


Enjoy the reading material.



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