Where can I get my fiction novel on WW2 and KW published?

Because of the competition and because you are a first time author, I would strongly suggest self-publishing. There are many good places now, but you may want to talk to some of our members who have gone this route.


Several people have used Lulu and you can check out Bill's latest book on our site:




If you want, post a message there for Bill, or click on his underlined name and send him a P.M. via our site.


Wheatmark is also another company:




When I finish the documentary this fall, I am going to self-publish. It's about the only way to go, and to retain your work as is.


I strongly suggest you find someone to give it a CRITICAL read-through first, if you go this route. Trust me, I've had dozens upon dozens of people reviewing my work as I go along. They have given me some good insight.

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