Pairing a bluetooth with phone!

Thought I would share some helpful info with you...


I was very frustrated trying to get my old blue tooth headset to connect with my new phone, yesterday. I ordered my FREE upgrade from Verizon, and still had my old headset. Even after locating and reading the instructions with came with the Jabra; no dice!


Went online and read site after site. Still no luck. Finally about ready to give up and find this dude's site: Ask Dave Taylor


Viola. Piece of cake!


His instructions included, "Once you're ready, you need to get the headset into "pairing mode" which is done by pushing and holding down the call button for about ten seconds. The blue light will turn on and stay on...."


Now there's there's the golden instruction - Those instructions were the key!



Thanks Dave. My new phone is happily paired with my old Jabra Blue Tooth headset.

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