Email from Col O'Neill - AEA News

Here are a few items on the AEA radar for your general info for Individual and Industry members.


AEA website and member portal is working well -- provides current info across the Engineer Regiment and AEA. Check your individual info --it's easy. Also check the CareerCenter -- resumes and job opportunities are there. See the winning names and prizes of the member appreciation drawing --every member has a free entry to the drawing.


Look at upcomg events too. Industry seminar with Congressman Hobson, ASA, I&E and MG Don Riley is at Army Navy Club on 10 September. Register at " Upcoming Events" online.


Conference notes:

* 36th Engineer Brigade will have a leaders conference in Killeen, TX, 27-29 October 2009. Invited attendees can register online at AEA website. Industry booths are available - if interested, email CSM Nutter at

* 20th Brigade conference in Fayetteville, NC for Dec 09 has been re-scheduled for first week of August 2010. Industry booths will be available --contact CSM Nutter at

* ENFORCE 2010 will be at Fort Leonard Wood 18-23 April 2010.


Feel free to contact me for additonal info.







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