Hollande 1944

Video simply magnificent! "Terug Naar September 1944"

reenactment Operation Market Garden, September 1944!





believe it or not but my daughter was there she is 8 years old


here a picture of it she sitting on the left





i am a re-enactor ,17th engineers 2nd armored division


this year we going to bastogne as 4th armored division to re-enact the breaktrough


its on 12 december i send my pictures of it here


best regards bas timmers


She is so cute Bas!! Did she enjoy being in the film?


it was not realy a film it was a theater in open air

some media students film it



every time i go to an event she wants to go with me

she like it verry much also the history of the worldwar 2

she is the best in her class about history :armata_PDT_01:


i am a re-enactor but also a taps bugler


i play taps on ceremonies and on u.s cementry in holland belgium and france

somethimes in order of the u.s army in germany


this year september on margraten cementry and in eerde near by eindhoven holland in normandie and in bastogne


its a great honor to do it


best regards bas timmers


here is a link from my friend also re-enactor he is our photograph




i hope he s working by the way it is in english


click on the picture and go to gallery s and than to living history




best regards bas timmers


Looks very accurate to me.


Your daughter is very cute !!

I believe I have recognized !! Is this the little girl with stilts ?


You will be in Normandy in June ? Because I would be the 5.6.7. it would be great to meet .


Last August , I went to Mons you were there ?


in September I will try to come to see you . It will be

necessary to say me exactly where you will be !!


when , you come to France in what city you come?

are you ever come to Souchez, Avelin, Sainghin in Mélantois ?


The link your friend is great!!

Thank you for sharing with us !


Vee ;)


hello vee


the normandie tour we be there everywherei dont its possible

to meet eachother ,we have there a strikt program


september is a tour of the 2nd armored division from oostende belgium to maastricht netherlands on sunday the13th september i be on margraten

as 2 nd armored bugler


my girl is the smallest on the picture


in mons i wasend there ,bastogne this year it will be great i be there on a display


best regards bas timmers


Hi Bas Timmers



The pictures I made at Mons , you can see them here:




Vee ;)


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