Thiepval ( Somme)

I went this weekend Thiepval visited the Memorial the Ulter Toweron . Also called the Tour of Belfast or Helen Tower, the tower opened in 1921, Is the replica of a Tower near the city of belfast in the training camp of the 36th division . on july 1916 the division was caught between artellery fire from the german and the british guns.


On 1 July 1916, the battalions of Ulster (Royal Irish Fusiliers, Inniskilling Fusiliers, Royal Irish Rifles) managed to enter the enemy trenches and dug three kilometers from the German side. But they were quickly surrounded on their flanks and their backs, as taken in a trap between the barrage and the British German machine guns. Within hours, more than 5,000 men were cut on the slopes of the hill where the tower is now erected in their honor.


At the entrance of the small park where the Tour of Ulster, a small monument pays tribute to the nine Irish decorated with the Victoria Cross (highest British military distinction). It was inaugurated on 1 July 1991.

Finally, behind the tower, an area of relaxation has been set up to allow visitors to drink. It reveals also a small exhibition room with photographs and objects found at the site (helmets, ammunition, ...)



At Thiepval , the impressive bulk of the Franco British Memorial(45 metres high) is visible for many kilometres around , Its pillars bear the carved names of 73,367 men , "the missing of the Somme " and who died in the battles of the Somme and who have no known grave .A necessary keys to undertanding the history of thiepval during the first world war .Located behind the Memorial to missing, this cemetery contains the bodies of 300 soldiers of the Commonwealth (285 Britons, ten Australians, four Canadians and a New Zealander - 239 are unknown) and 300 French soldiers (253 unknown). The memorial is dedicated to the missing of the Somme, and "to the French and British armies,


I also visited At Beaumont-Hamel, The Newfoundland Memorial offers a realistic and moving view of these battles in its remarkably well-preserved trenches system. This vast site is full of surviving traces and memorials: The Monument to the 29th Division (to which the Newfoundland Regiment Belonged ), the 51st Highland Division Monument ,the mound with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment's emblem figure of the Caribou , the " Danger Tree" ,





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