Chancellorsville, such a heavy price...

post-256-1237280304_thumb.jpgChancellorsville Virginia April 30-May 6, 1863

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Reminds me of "Bayonet Trench" from Verdun, WWI.

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Actually that's the stone wall at Fredericksburg. The two battlefields are very close to each other. If you've ever seen the movie "Gods and Generals" Both Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville were depicted

Here's a website with both battles


My brother, God rest his soul, had a streak of larceny running through him. He and I took a ride through Virginia to look for an apt when I went to grad school. We stopped at every historic site/battlefield along the way. Our first stop was the Natural Bridge. He decided then and there, he needed a rock from that location for his garden. He picked one up and "slipped" it into my purse. I lugged this rock to the car. We went to Appomatax Courthouse and he had to take a rock from there. We got to Fredericksburg and he starts coming toward me as were walking along the preserved the section of this road, carrying a rock. I took off at a good lope and got into the car. A few minutes later I heard the trunk open and a loud thump. Our last stop was Richmond. We were eating in a restaurant when a waiter told us that they were going to erect a building across the street on what had once been a mansion destroyed in the war. One of my fondest memories of my brother was of him digging a building block out of this vacant lot with my swiss army knife and a snow shovel I had in my trunk at 11 pm at night. All I could think of was who I knew in the area that could bail us out of jail if we were caught.

I can picture all this in my head, as plain as day, especially the loud thunk and the sound of the trunk slamming! :pdt12:
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