Farewell Marine

Farewell Marine


The combat boots are empty

and finally they're still,

They're set carefully at attention,

they've marched up their last hill.


The rifle, too, is silent now

and unwaveringly erected,

Holding up the well-worn helmet

of the Marine it once protected.


One by one his comrades

somberly draw near,

Each raising one last salute

unashamed to shed a tear;


A time-honored tribute,

dating back to days of old,

As a reverent memorial

a stirring image to behold.


It bears witness to the bond

of a brotherhood of men,

The kind who only come along

every now and then.


These men who pass will carry on,

they've a mission to complete,

For our Country they will fiercely fight,

our enemies they'll defeat.


But in his heart after this,

no Marine will be the same,

A hero is now known to him,

and bears his buddy's name.


Wherever duty takes him,

whatever battles he may fight,

Never will he forget the friend

who gave his life for what is right.


Finally, the bugle sounds

Taps is softly played,

Time to say farewell, and say

a prayer for the sacrifices made.


This day the names of those who died

will be added to the List,

They will forever be remembered,

and will undeniably be missed.


Next time you see a proud Marine

in that uniform he wears,

Know his heart is strong and true

please keep him in your prayers.


He lives by a vow to protect and defend

no matter what the cost,

But to every Marine, it carries a name...

his buddy who was lost.





Thanks, Vee.

Maj Todd O. USMC, Retired
Grandson of LTC John O'Brien







With the utmost respect. I will also dedicate

this poem to all those who gave their lives

in battle. Roque, of the 34th.


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