Through the eyes of a child.....

While looking at this photo taken in the Polish Getto in 1941 of those desperate souls, the youth who has died from starvation lies in the mddle of the road, his fellow Countrymen are unpassive to this as they have seen it all before, the mother grips her childs hand frimly and ushers her by. But it's the little girls eyes that stare out seeing nothing as her mother, both so smartly dressed compared with those around them, guides her past this unhappy scene.


Opinions please....




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A very poignant photograph. It does seem as though the little girl and her mother are out of place; moving to remove themselves from a scene that they, perhaps, haven't seen as much as the others. They walk quickly from a stationary semi-circle of those who have obviously seen this too much. Indeed there are actually several smiles among the people gathered around. Perhaps they were having a laugh at the mother who was shoveling sand against the tide - attempting to protect her daughter from the horrors that were already a way of life.

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Talk about a tide of emotions; I see grief, numbness, concern and bewilderment amongst the crowd, and of course the disturbing smiles. But ME thinks those are from the simple fact; they are being photographed!


But the woman with the child says SO much. The mother is totally indifferent. She has her nice clothes and doesn't want to be bothered by OTHER people's misfortunes. She is raising her daughter to be the same. Perhaps that is it. Perhaps Todd has shed some light too!


Amazing what one photograph can portray! :armata_PDT_23:

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