The B-36 took first flight, shortly after WWII, in 1946. Here is some information, and below that, a link to a video, which Colin sent to me:


B-36 Peacemaker Specifications

Primary Function: Bomber

Contractor: Convair

Crew: 15

Unit Cost: $3,701,000


Six Pratt & Whitney B 4360s of 3,800 horsepower and four General Electric J47s of 5,200 pounds thrust each


Length: 162 ft 1 in (49.4 m)

Wingspan: 230 ft (70.1 m)

Height: 46 ft 9 in (14.04 m)


Empty: N/A

Maximum Takeoff: 410,000 lb (186,000 kg) loaded



Speed: 435 mph (700 km/h)

Ceiling: 45,700 ft (13,700 m)

Range: 10,000 miles (16,100 km)

Armament: Sixteen M24 20mm cannon in eight nose, tail and fuselage turrets, 86,000 pounds of conventional or nuclear bombs


Service Life

First Flight: August 8, 1946 (XB-36)

December 4, 1947 (YB-36)

August 28, 1947 (B-36A)

July 8, 1948 (B-36B)

July 11, 1949 (B-36D)

End of Service: 1958




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