Very strange but let's put it in a quiz

Minerault Emile - OSS = Office of Strategic Services, he probably was an agent dropped behind enemy lines to monitor enemy movements.

Went missing in action, probably captured and executed but his body never found?


Eric Fisher Wood fought a sort of guerilla war after his unit got captured by the Germans in the early days of the Ardennes Offensive. The 106th Division was virtually wiped out .... 7 000 PoWs in 3 days. The remaining Regiment (424th) fought in the Sankt Vith sector.

Lt. Wood and some other men fought the Germans in the wooded area around Meyerode.


Severre Efteland - 99th Infantry Battalion; this unit was comprised of GIs from Norwegian decent. Not to be confused with the 99th Infantry Division (Checkerboard).


The GIs with date of death December 17, 1944 were PoWs killed by Waffen-SS at Baugnez (Malmedy Massacre).


Eugene Taylor - 16th General Hospital; he probably died when a V1 or a bomb from a German plane (I am not sure about which one) hit the hospital on December 24, 1944 (?).

I believe they were stationed in a Crystal making factory (Val Saint Lambert).


Alie B. Alie - 93rd Medical or Medium Gas Treatment Battalion (?).


That's as far as my memory goes.

Looking forward to the stories.




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