Detling, England 2008.

post-256-1219954631_thumb.jpg... General Patton takes an interest....

post-256-1219954009_thumb.jpg...The Opposition..

post-256-1219953847_thumb.jpg...Pacific occupation.....Guess that's 11th Airborne markings on the helmets ?

post-256-1219953645_thumb.jpg...Officers briefing...And it's raining..

post-256-1219953539_thumb.jpg.. Airborne 1st Aid Post.. Normandy + 7.

post-256-1219953439_thumb.jpg...'Tent City' part of the 'Airborne Hotel'

post-256-1219953374_thumb.jpg...Magic manning the 30 cal pit

post-256-1219953084_thumb.jpg........Love the boot prints on these miniture kraut tanks :armata_PDT_37:




post-256-1219955234_thumb.jpg.. ' Marion's Boys' :drinkin:


Back row L TO R.. Kelso, Zimmer, The C.O. Radar, Granny, Moose, Mailman, Magic.


Front row L to R ..Joker, Goody, Knowledge, Dobby, Wobbley and Tex.


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It looks as though you have appropriated some enemy weapons (the MG-42 and potato mashers) in your .30 cal pit. You know we actually found a Browning .30 cal in Iraq when I was there? I'm not sure what happened to it but I'm almost glad I don't know. A lot of historic weapons went to the torch simply because they weren't taking trophies back by that time (2004.)


I had a laugh at your tent city because I had to have a flashback to my own boot camp in 1995 and OCS in 1999. Same shelter halves that had been home away from home for GI's for most of the century. Take a look at this photo of my grandfather's from his ROTC training at Fort Knox in 1936.


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Maj Todd O. USMC, Retired
Grandson of LTC John O'Brien

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