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Hello WW II ETO Engineers,

Were you in an Engineer General Service Battalion or Regiment that repaired a partially destroyed railroad bridge over the Durance River at Myrageusse, Southern France in September, 1944? The bridge installed was a quadruple/single about 130 feet in length and supported by two piers. Some of my unit's fire trucks and trailer mounted fire fighting pumpers pumped out the caissons for the pier footings.


Like to hear from anyone involved in this job.



Jim Davis

1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon




In a recent message I sought Engineer units who might have built a Bailey Bridge in Southern France shortly after the 8/15/44 landings. Have not located any units, but now have info on the bridge. It was a 170 foot quadruple/single span supported by two piers and bridging the Durance River at Meraguesse, France. The original bridge (carried a railroad up the eastern side of France) was partially destroyed by retreating enemy forces. The Bailey replaced the destroyed section. If any of this rings any bells, please share with me through this site or direct at


Mahalo and Aloha,

Jim Davis, Maui, Hawaii

1204th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon



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