Bye Bye Geneviève

I just read "bye bye geneviève" I found this book a pleasant read.

It would appear that this story made sink a lot of ink on the side of Ste Mère l'eglise, for reasons that I do not know. The figure of the number of 500 american paratroopers saved would be exaggerated, there would have been only 3 paratroops who had been rescued by the father maurice in the marshes.

As the passage or she is with her little brother claude in the quarry at the bottom of the deck irsa, when she pulls a barbed hooked a shoe of his brother who is connected a German mine, which exploded, projecting the one on each side, would be pure fiction.

But this look of a child in war is interesting. I suppose it is enough to put some reservations on historical and pass a good time ...




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