WW2 t.G.i.F. f-1

First and second T.G.I.F. are the kind you had to sit through when Roy Roger.chased the bad guys, and he stopped his horse Trigger to sing Tumbling Tumbleweeds. Third week we will go up on bomber mission.


Off we go into the wild blue yonder—Here is first F-1






Art Morneweck and Belle Isle.

How we met – the love of my life She was 19,,,,I was 20

Early in 1943, I went on a double date with a friend and the Matthews sisters to Eastwood Amusement Park at Gratiot and 8 mile. It was a long drive from Detroit's west side. I was paired with Blanche, but her sister, Charlotte (Micky) was a great looker and I thought she was the one for me. We all had a good time together. It was more like a friend's outing than a date. Two nights later, Micky was on her way home from her job at G.M.C. She stopped at Simone's soda fountain shop where I was having a frozen Power House candy bar. We talked a while and I asked her to go for a ride. We drove to Belle Isle in my father’s 1940 Ford and one section was a parking that you faced the river and watch the boats go bye. There was no open parking space so we had to ride around the island. When you come to the bridge there was about 5 or 6 driving lanes that all turned right and takes you back off the island. Luckly I was in the 6th lane that took you over the bridge or you could drive straight and go around again. Something in my heart said go straight and I did. This time there was a parking space open. I parked and we had our first kiss. We watched the boats and then Micky said she had to go to the bath room. We left and stopped at first bath room and it was pad-locked, I looked at my watch and it was after mid-night, so was the second bat room locked.Going across the bridge Micky said she really had to go. I new if we turned left to go home we would not find a restaurant so I turned right and found a restaurant about two blocks away. I stopped and Micky used their bath room. About four months later we got engaged just before I left for Army Air Corps cadet training. I returned to Detroit to get married during a week long furlough.

Micky and I were apart for the next two years as I was sent to the Philippine Islands and occupation duty in Taegu, Korea. I returned home to her in July, 1946. We celebrated our 57th wedding anniversary May 15, 2001. Then Dec. 30, 2001 my Micky went to be with our Lord. Our daughters and son-in-law are Toni Ann Morneweck, Terry & Jack Ellis, and grandson Tim 16. We all live in same neighborhood in Novi. Micky's sister Blanche Rosendale, now lives in St. Clair.






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