Emailing virus warnings - do not forward

While many think they are doing the RIGHT thing by passing on virus warnings, I tell people NOT TO! What? Yup that's right; do everyone a favor and don't pass along email warnings. Here's a letter I sent to a friend this morning regarding the POSTCARD virus. It says it all.



While some of the warning emails are true, the only thing people need to do is have their virus protection running and up-to-date. That's the only thing I tell my clients.


Unfortunately most of the email warnings are false or greatly exaggerated, so my advice to people is simply not to forward virus warnings, because the virus protection software companies are already on top of these things.


Also, simply don't open anything that doesn't look right.


Just a note, the virus spoken of here has been around for almost a year. It is not new, so the companies already have solutions for that old problem.


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