Update your Microsoft programs

Yes, as Todd said, the bottom line is update your programs on a regular basis.


All my software is on automatic update, and ALL of you should use this method.


But, I do make exception for this; if you are still on dial-up, then you may not want to place your computer on automatic update, for it would EAT up all your bandwidth with updates while you were trying to download email etc. If you are on dial-up, then I recommend you update your computer late at night, or at another convenient time when you aren't retrieving your email, etc. But DO NOT forget to do this.


I had a friend write to me recently and said she hadn't done any of the Microsoft Windows updates for months. "Is it REALLY necessary?" Hell yes! This is why many people have troubles with their computers. You gotta follow the rules.


If you keep your computers up-to-date, then you don't need to pay attention to those STUPID email warnings that people forward to everyone on the face of the earth. In fact I hate those because 99 percent of them are bogus.


So here ya go, plain and simple:


Update Microsoft Windows

Update your virus protection - do not think of even doing this manually - It BETTER be on automatic!

Update Microsoft Office if you use it. You can set this for automatic too


I have moved this entire post to the computer section. Okay, class dismissed!

Any questions? Todd, Mary Ann and I are all IT people, so you have the advantage of having us on hand all the time.

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