Preservation of Uniforms

Good info on the flags. Thanks.

I have a heavy weave cotton flag that has damage. I wish I could repair it and find a home in a musuem for it.

I have a Nazi banner. It is thin weave cotton. I folded it and placed it in a large plastic bag. I hope that will work. But I never considered the permanent folds---but I guess, now that I think about it, permanent folds were formed in it some 20 years ago.




An aside: German uniforms.I was told by a German soldier that not all of their uniforms are wool. They came up with a synthetic? using wood fibers.Anyone ever hear of this.


During the latter stages of World War Two, Italian camo zlet material was widely used by German combat units on the field made uniform. This practice seems to be very common between the elite units such as 12th SS Panzerdivision (Hitlerjugend) and Fallschirmjager on the Italian front.


This material was used for the M43-M44 german Waffen SS uniforms

Same as many other "field-made" Italian camo uniforms, M44 style tunic in Italian camo material was widely used in various German arms force units. Same tunic features as regular WH M44 tunic.


In late 1943, LAH seized Italian camo fabric from disarmed Italian troops. The Germans later used the camo material on many of their garments. The fur anorak is one of them. Virtually same garment cut as regular type of SS green fabric fur anorak. Not only seen on the Italian front, this camo anorak was also used in the battle of the Bulge.

Some items could have contained some wood fiber as for the anorak + jacket because some of them were made using recycled materials because it was hard to find the proper textiles in this stage of the war .

Hope this helps a little




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