I've added several more minutes to the documentary. If you wish to see it, let me know. I now have it in FLASH format too, so even those with MACS will be able to view it.



Problems with the presentation slideshow on the web!


Photodex is having a problem with their PRESENTATION software and therefore my show IS NOT rendering correctly on the WEB. Many of you may have noticed that parts of my documentary do not synch correctly, therefore the timing for the audio and video are visibly OFF! It doesn't do this all the time, but when it occurs...


Sometimes if you stop the video, refresh the page, or go back several slides, it will correct itself, only to show up later in the show. I have written to them about this and they are aware of the idiosyncrasy, but have not come up with a solution at this time. It is very frustrating for me because after spending weeks on this project, the errors make it impossible to show the documentary at it's best on the net. Trust me, when you've spent two hours on a few slides to get the music in perfect synch, it's very discouraging to find that people are looking at work that appears sloppy.


Therefore I am offering other formats for you to view, in addition to Presentation. This will also allow MAC users to view the documentary, but please be aware that several forms of media such as FLASH, do not offer the same clarity and top-notch rendering as the Photodex Presentation. The shows will be in synch, but the quality will not be as good, therefore text and photos, etc., will not be as sharp.


Fortunately this problem does not occur when I create CD's and DVD's.

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