Capt. Frederick Banting, Canada:


Surgeon, Canadian Army Medical Corps; wounded in action and decorated for heroism; co-discoverer of insulin; Nobel Prize 1923; killed in plane crash en route to service in WWII.


The most memorable religious event of World War I occurred in Portugal--by then a belligerent--in 1917. Three children, Lucia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto reported visions of the Virgin Mary near the town of Fatima. They said the visions happened on the 13th of each month between May and October. Mary was said to have left the children three secrets, the last of which [it is claimed] involved the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. The two cousins died of the Spanish Influenza in 1919 and Lucia lived on as a nun until 2005.


Here's more info about Banting:



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Nice article above. The decorated Surgeon that was killed in a plane crash reminds me

of another one that was killed in a plane crash. The most decorated soldier of WW 11

his name AUDIE MURPHY.

Which brings me to ask, ALL vets. that read this---What was your hardest battle you

were in ???? Mine was CASSINO. Rocky :armata_PDT_19::machinegun:


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