last letter Guy Môquet

In a ceremony at the Monument of Cascade du Bois de Boulogne, Nicolas Sarkozy announced that his "first decision as president will be to read every year in all the high schools early last letter resistant Guy Môquet, shot in 17 years in 1941.



"My darling little mom,



My little brother loved,



My dad loved small,



I will die! What I would ask you, you, especially my little mom is to be courageous. I am and I want to be as far as those who have gone before me. Admittedly, I wanted to live. But what I hope with all my heart is that my death to serve something. I have not had time to kiss John. I kissed my two brothers Roger and Rino. As for the real I can only do so alas! I hope that all my belongings will be returned to you they can be used to Serge, which I discount will be proud to wear them one day. A small you dad, because if I brought you and my little mom, many penalties, I greet you one last time. Know that I have done my best to follow the path mapped out that you gave me.



A final farewell to all my friends, to my brother that I like very much. Whether studying to be much later a man.



Age 17 1 / 2, my life was short, I have no regret, if not all of you leave. I will die with Tintin, Michels. Mom, what I ask you, what I want you to promettes is to be courageous and to overcome your sentence.



I can only put greater. I leave you all, all of you mom, Serge, dad, kissing you with all my heart for children. Courage!



Your Guy who loves you.






Last thoughts: All of you who remain, we are worthy of the 27 who are going to die!








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