Paul Hinkle

Since someone has written aboout me here is what they wrote.


I would rather talk about old friends.


Glad to have you on boartd, Mr. Hinkle! A great story too.


Sounds like your friend with the 82nd Airborne was in the 505th with Col. Vandervoort at Ste Mare-Eglise...


Hope to hear o alot more from you! Here in Holland there is not much known about Operation Dragoon...


Hi Paul.


I'm trying to figure out where I've heard of you.

Are you the "pdhinkle" on the 36th Division Forum?? Well, I guess you are, 'cause I see "Walt's Daughter" there, too. I have not been there in a few months.


Also, there was a lady who was very active on the 36th Division forum. I guess here name was "pstickle". Yeah. That was her. Hinkle. Stickle. Sounds alike.

She helped me locate some veterans who served with my uncle and was a POW at Stalag IIB. I was wondering if you were one that I called and talked to briefly. With her help, I was able to talk to Orby Ledbetter, who served in my Uncle's squad.

I can't seem to locate the forum thread on my uncle.

But here is my Uncle's Biography


Glad to have you here.

Steve --- "Custermen" in this forum and the 36th Forum




Love having you here. Who best to tell the tale than someone who was there. Thank you for joining our forum and for sharing your story with me. It's vets like you who make the world go round!



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