war dogs trained by Quartermaster Corps

:woof: He looks like a NICE doggie! M1 is right, he does look "sweet"!


I've heard people refer to "Alsatian Shepherds", are they

the same as German Shepherds?


My grandmother had a"Belgian Shepherd" that's legendary

in my family. Her name was "Toko" and she was almost

a "nanny" to my Aunt Millie's 6 kids. They'd let her out the back door

& tell her to bring the children home & she'd go down to the

playground & round then up. My mother said you could look out

the window & see them all coming up the sidewalk with Toko.

She was very smart & if any of the younger kids got off the sidewalk

into the street, she'd push them back with her body. She was

THE Boss and all the kids were crazy about her.


I guess she really was a "shepherd" and those kids were her lambs.


mary ann

Another SWEET story! :heartpump:
Marion J Chard
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There are a lot of Shepherds; German or Alsatian, Malinois, etc.

In German Shepherds, you have long hairs, black, white (not recognized officially), grey (like a wolf, I had one called Indra) and the orange/black and light brown/black.


I like my Brandie very much.

She's a sweet dog.




I'm jealous Erwin! Shepherds are my FAVORITE! Give

Brandie an extra treat today for me! :woof::woof::woof:




mary ann


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