Question on how to display your medals

I wonder why you can't display both EIB and CIB together????

If he earned those, then it would be nice displaying them together with ribbons, medals, marksman badges, etc.

Nothing wrong with that, is there?


Ow, it would be great if he could post info on this Big Red One soldier.

Where did he serve? D-Day? Bulge? Unit? etc. (Yep, I'm curious, hehe :lol: )




Btw, the CIB differs from the EIB because this one you earned when in a combat situation in the Infantry (hence the "Combat").



I tried to send info to you about his service - two silvers, a bronze, two purples and EIB CIB - did you receive my reply? I don't know if I'm replying correctly. My first experience with forum.



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