Barracuda, the Bastogne Sherman Tank

Oh I digress, Sargeant Erwin...


No problem, my lady. B)


The wild boar is indeed the symbol of the Ardennes area.

I love the Ardennes a lot, especially because there aren't so much people around (except at the touristic hot spots of course).

Walking in the forests or at quiet trails, seeing squirrels run away and hearing birds sing ..... that really does it for me.

And then you have the history of course, not only WWII but also traces of Roman occupation and medieval castles.


I guess I'd be called Grizzly Erwin (instead of Grizzly Adams) if I ever get to live there. :pdt12:


As for the tank ... I hope to be able to visit it soon and take some photos for my "photographic library". Eventhough I'm mainly into 4th Armored, I am glad they put the original unit back on it (11th Armored).




:armata_PDT_37: Thx for the translation Erwin, before you go to Bastogne just drop me a mail maybe we can visit some spots together.

I intend to visit some of those spots from the link below


That would be a great idea! :pdt34:

We can have a few too .... :drinkin::pdt12:

I will sure leave a message the next time I plan to drive to the Ardennes area (but for now, I'm planning to go visit my girlfriend in September, so that will have to wait till after).


I have a photo of that same panzer when it wasn't restored.

We - my friend and I - even could crawl into it and there was still a lot of the interior present at that time.

Too bad, they didn't put the road wheels back on in good order.




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