FM 5-5, Engineer Field Manual, Engineer Troops,

While searching websites for an answer to a question i had as to whether engineer units had thier own portable sawmills or used any locals mills to supply lumber and timbers for bridges or buildings etc. I came across the website for the 9th Infantry Division. Lo & behold on one of their pages are copies of Field manuals including 4 Engineer FMs:

FM 5-5 Engineer Field Manual, Engineer Troops

Dated: October 11, 1943

FM 5-15 Field Manual, Engineer Corps, Field Fortifications

Dated: February 14, 1944

FM 5-20 Field Manual, Camouflage, Basic Principles

Dated: February, 1944

FM 5-20 Field Manual, Engineer Corps, Comuflage of Bivouacs, Posts, etc...

Dated: May, 1944


FM 5-5 gave me the answer, they used both. This FM layouts the types, organization & operations of all the different types of engineer units. It sure is great to have an online reference for all this info!


Home :: 9th Infantry Division, 39th Regiment, Easy Company


The manual page: Lists Infantry & Engineer manuals they have.

Free Downloadable Manuals










Tremendous. You can find out just about anything on the net these days.


Speaking of lists, make sure you check out our Engineer History page on the main site:

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