USS Helena

I met David Bouchard after he sent me an email telling me how much he loved the music site. We began corresponding last month, and he is the webmaster to this site:


Here's an excerpt from one of his letters:


...She had a life from 1945 until about 1962 or so. She was in moth balls for a number of years and then was sold for scrap in the early 70s. Not sure about dates off the top of my head.


I looked at some parts of your web page and will certainly look at more. Have always been a WWII buff.


I am retired military with 27 years service. Most of my winter hours are spent adding to and improving our Helena web page.


From late spring into early fall, my wife and I spend our days working on our flower beds and shade gardens and of course, another web page.


All but two pictures on this page were taken by me.


Again, thanks for writing!!


Dave B

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