90th Birthday of the battle of the crest of Vimy

Has the memory of 66 000 Canadians soldiers who sacrifed themselves for the peace and the freedom during the first WORLD WAR .




The turning point came in April 1917, at Vimy ridge . All four Canadian divions were in the line togehter, and for the first time they all attacked- together- an objective that had so far held firm against British and French assaults. On 9 April - it was easter monday in 1917- having prepared thoroughly , they went forward through the sleet and snow and took the heights.Thereafter, they never lost a battle, and people rightly spoke about the " Canadien way of war".



Some say that the Canadian nation was forged at Vimy ninety years ago because it was , perhaps, the first time when Canadians from coast to coast to coast had done a great thing together.


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Merci beaucoup! I had never seen those statues before. So beautiful. The trenches will always be a permanent part of the landscape as it should be, to remind us of the terrible toil, courage and loss of life in WWI.
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:armata_PDT_37: Great photos Vero thx :armata_PDT_37:

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Link new pictures of the ceremony of 90eme birthday of the battle Arras ;





Link new pictures of the ceremony from Vimy ;







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