Thanks for spreading the gospel on this. I am forever copying from snopes and attaching it to emails and returning them. I've even gone so far as to write a letter to a couple of the worst offenders in my addy book reminding them how they would feel if someone wrote those things about their kids.



Civilwargal, you are very welcome. Nothing drives me crazier. Hey it's cool when you inform people once. There's a learning curve for everything. But when you tell someone twice, three times, six times, it becomes damn right annoying.


Two people come to mind right away- one being a cousin and the other a friend from long ago, and they continually do it. :armata_PDT_19: My cousin said once, well sorry but I lost those web addresses a long time ago. So I resent them, and then a few months later... I'm about ready to bop her on the head. :hit:

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