"Echo Taps Worldwide” Planned

“Echo Taps Worldwide†Planned For Armed Forces Day 2007


Hundreds of volunteer brass players are being recruited to perform the 24 notes of “Taps†on May 19, 2007, in recognition of Armed Forces Day at National Cemeteries , State Veterans Cemeteries and American Battle Monuments Cemeteries overseas.


The event, called “Echo Taps Worldwide,†is being organized by the VA National Cemetery Administration and Bugles Across America to honor and remember American veterans through a worldwide performance of Taps. Organizers also hope the event will interest brass players in volunteering to perform Taps at the military funerals of veterans throughout the year. “Each day, America loses about 1,800 of its veterans, primarily those who fought in World War II and Korea ,†said Leslie Hampton, a Navy veteran of Vietnam and a member of Bugles Across America. “In honor of them and the service they provided, it is important that our Nation preserves the tradition of a live bugler to play final military honors.â€


During the event, players will form a line through the cemetery and perform a cascading version of Taps. Brass players of all ages are encouraged to perform at the cemetery of their choice. Schools and other organizations are also invited to participate in the tribute as performers or support volunteers. More information and a sign-up sheet are available at www.echotaps.org.


The first large “Echo Taps†event occurred In May 2005, when 674 brass players from 30 states lined 42-miles of road between Woodlawn National Cemetery in Elmira, NY, and Bath National Cemetery in Bath, NY. Playing “Taps†in cascade, it took nearly three hours from the first note played at Woodlawn to the final note of Taps sounded at the National Cemetery at Bath . In 2006, players performed “Echo Taps†at 52 National Cemeteries and State Veterans Cemeteries across the Nation on Veterans Day in preparation for the upcoming eff! ort. Th e Armed Forces Day event in 2007 will involve buglers around the world to include participants at American Battle Monument Cemeteries overseas.


“A live bugler performing Taps is an expression of the Nation’s appreciation for the service of each veteran,†said Thomas Day, a Marine veteran who founded Bugles Across America in 2000. “With more than 600,000 veterans dying each year, we are always looking for new volunteers to perform this valuable service. Echo Taps Worldwide will honor America ’s 40 million veterans who have served over the course of our history and draw attention to the need for more buglers to perform “Taps†as part of final military honors,†Day said.

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