Nazi intent for America in WWII
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Maybe if Adolf didn't think to far in advance and more about the stuff at hand, maybe things would have been different. To think that they would occupy the USA :rolleyes:


That whole piece smells bad. It's no where near realistic. I need to see another source to even think it may be true. that must be war time propaganda to scare people.


Well that is what the occupied Nations lived through :pdt33:


Does anybody believe that we could have defeated Germany if England had been occupied ?. Can you imagine bringing our troops across the Atlantic ?. Even at that, we would have had to take back England first. THEN, think of a "D-DAY". By that time the French shoreline would be to the point of breaking off under the weight of German troops and Armament.


Let's see; We all know the cost of taking Iwo Jima & Okinawa. 35% casualties. the top brass estimated as high as 1,000,000 would be needed to establish a foothold on the southern island only 300miles away. With the same rate of casualties. that means 350,000 casualties and awhole lot of stars in American windows.


So; bless H.S.T. for his decision. And while we're at it; cheers to the Norwegians who "Drowned" Hitlers Heavy Water. Without that incident, Harry would have had no dicision to make.


The way I always heard that the Axis powers planned to divvy up the Good Ol' USA was that Germany would control the Eastern states and Japan the West Coast, although I highly suspect that Hitler had some final treachery up his sleeve for the Japanese, had they been victorious!



Jim :woof:


PS- I have seen a real 'Proklamation' that was issued by Hans Frank and it was nearly word for word like the one above.


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