Lyle Duane Gordon

Papa Art saw this and I am posting it here too. Can never hurt. Only thing though, who do we contact if anyone does have info?? :unsure:



Any one know veteran Lyle Gordan


Lyle Duane Gordon, Korean War Veteran


Born farm in Regent, N.D.


7th Division 31st Reg 1949 Inchon Landing


and came through Frozen Chosin


Dis-charged E-8


Settled in Aberdeen, S.D. Sweetheart Bread


Moved Seattle, Oregon, as Seattle Fire man


Re-tired 20 yrs ago to Mesa,AZ, 75 last Dec.

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

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