4 Engine Bomber Base

I don't know if this is true but it is said to be. A 4-engine bomber base at Sebring Florida men were sitting around talking, when the radio started receiving a call saying "coming in on one engine, coming in on one engine". The field got ready for the plane, soon in comes a plane -- one engine. It was a fighter – a one-engine plane. Now if this were true, the commandant of the field would have to wait until the 1-engine plane pilot got out and took his flight clothes off and make sure the pilot did not out-rank him. We had some high-ranking pilots in WW2




We had just hear this same story about a week ago. I too was thinking that when the pilot got out of his plane, his commanding officer was ready to kick some ass. Yes, of course you have to laugh because the pilot had one sense of humor and in reality wasn't "lying", but you can imagine the chaos going on at the field with the crew chiefs running nuts, the fire crew on high alert and the whole base at full tilt boogy. :P

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