Air Cadet Training

I can tell you about cadet training. 1942 I had my pilot license, 1943 I enlisted and put in ERC Enlisted Reserve Corp. of Army Air Corp. Aug. 1943 sent to Miami Beach, Florida for Boot training, then Gettysburg for 6 months college, then May to Pre Flight Maxwell Air Base, then Florida and Georgia fkying AT-6. Jan. 1945 I up for 2 hours acrobatics, landing on black top strip in-stead of the cement strip. Transfered, with out my instructor knowing about it, to Infantry. Had the usual check ride,Lt. then Major. I was told I did OK but they had too many pilots. They said I could go to any place I wanted and I picked clocest field Chanute Field, Ill.. as I was from Detroit. That is where I was told I was going to the Infantry. For the real story go to following address and read it all.


Art a long ago air man


Art - My husband has a pilot's license, although he's not current. He always said, paraphrasing other pilots, that any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. ;) - Marilyn


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