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I moved these posts here from the Jokes section, and took you up on your suggestion. MJC


Sgtleo ; You have more questions than " Baby Snooks"


How many of you remember Fanny Brice when she characterized Baby Snooks on radio ?.


The Baby Snooks Show was an American radio show starring comedienne and Ziegfeld Follies alumnus Fanny Brice as a mischievous young girl who was 40 years younger than the actress who played her when she first went on the air.


In 1904, George McManus began his comic strip, The Newlyweds, about a couple and their child, Baby Snookums. Brice did her Baby Snooks character as a 1912 vaudeville act. On February 29, 1936, the producers of the Ziegfield Follies of the Air, where Brice already had a presence, asked her to fill empty airtime with a Snooks skit. Snooks' media career had begun, and the following year, she played Snooks on the Good News Show. In 1940, she became a regular character on the Maxwell House Coffee Time, sharing the spotlight with monologist Frank Morgan.


In 1944, the character was given her own show, The Baby Snooks Show (sometimes known as Baby Snooks and Daddy), and during the 1940s, it became one of the nation's favorite radio situation comedies.

The whole premis of the show was when Baby Snooks would say " Why Daddy"



What a great time to be alive. We would sit on the floor around the radio and visualize what the characters looked like and also their suroundings. We made up our own mind what we wished to see.


I remember back to " Yesteryear " when " The Green Hornet " was #1 with us kids. Every kid who held his breath , week after week, had his own version of what the Green Hornet; his faithful valet, Kato; And the Black Beauty looked like. If there were "whatever millions" boys listening to that show; that was the number of visions held. Each of us had our very own idea of what we "saw".


One of the biggest let downs in my life was when they decided to put the Green Hornet on the movie screen. Us kids jammed into the Great Lakes theater, on Grand River, in Detroit, to see our hero in action. Everything was to our pleasure, till the Green Hornet, sensing that he must act to save the masses from great peril, said " Kato, I think this is the time for the Green Hornet to take action. Get the Black Beauty warmed up. We have a job to do". With that Kato says that he will have the Black Beuty around back promptly. Out the door flies the Green Hornet (into the alley) and enters not a limo, ( but a 1939 ford coup ).


I'd match my childhood with any today. Today, through TV & Movies, everything is programmed to have you see what THEY want you to see. We on the other hand, sat there on the floor and saw what we wanted to see.


If some of you " Whippersnappers " could only go back and listen to some of those(corny) shows, you might possibly understand what the "H" I'm talking about .


You know; If we could talk Marion into it, Why not start up a talk section on " RADIO DAYS" We might entertain a few of youze kids. It would be a whole lot better than watching on TV how----( I lost my virginity or My eractile disfunction).

YE GOD !!!. Let's start using our minds & our imaginations again.


What do you say? With me or Agin me ?


Here I go again. Out on that limb again.






Can you say for sure I'm not "Baby Snooks"??


Sgtleo :D:D:D


I think radio days is an excellant idea!!







It was a lot more fun when you had to use your imagination for example to visualize the Green Hornet.


One of the programs I liked best was Fibber MacGee and tried to visualize his closet every time he opened the door and everything fell out.


Reminded me of my own closet when I was in high school with Ben Franklin et al.


Sgtleo :rolleyes::rolleyes:


Chuck 1926: You are "not out on a limb again" by any means. Believe it or not, I have recently finished putting on C.D. about 165 old radio shows from the '30's to the '50's. Cost me $7.50 for a month with unlimited access to over 5,000 of them. By now they probably have even more. Did this mainly for a good friend (a WW 2 vet) who has eye problems and cannot use a computer any more. But I too enjoy listening to them. If interested, go to google - old radio orograms. Believe it was something like RSC. On

Comcast it takes about 45 seconds to get a half hour radio show downloaded in MP-3

or you can just listen to them. I downloaded in MP-3 so now I have about 80 hours

of old radio shows of my choice on 2 disks. Without downloading in MP-3 you only get

about 2 one half hour shows on a disk. On MP-3 you get about 80 shows per disk.

One hell of a good selection of shows. Even the H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds" , narrated by Orson Wells original show from 1938. Well worth the $ 7.50 for a month.


Tonight I was listening to my car radio and there was a story about a WWII, all girl, integrated jazz band called "The Sweethearts of Rhythm". As soon as I got home I typed in their name on a search engine and it took me to youtube, where there are scads of great tunes by this amazing jazz band! I'd never heard of them before, but some of you might have.


Cool. Will have to check it out. I'm sure there's a slew of bands we haven't been exposed to.

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