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We did a lot of drinking that night!!


Sadistic Humor:-


Was talking to an old friend the other day and he reminded me of a story about a time we were at Fort Devens,MA awaiting new assignments.


After retreat, we would chow down and head for the "Slop Chute" and drink for sometime to kill the night hours. This was a Reception Center so there were a lot of "Newbies" floating around and we watched as they looked at us and the "Fruit Salad" on our uniforms. I think they thought we walked on water or something.


Anyway,one kid who looked about thirteen got up enough courage to come over to our table and asked if we would mind talking about some of our experiences(bad choice on his part). Of course we agreed as it was obvious that some of these kids were scared green and you know it's funny and easy now to say "kids" because we were all only around 22 years old ourselves so we weren't old men. Just felt like old men!


I had this Tech. Sgt. that truly had the golden tongue gift of gab so he said if I had no objection he'd relate a particular experience we had had in France in Normandy's Bocage(hedgerows). I had no idea of what he was talking about but knew enough to go along with him.


He had us entering a field completely surrounded by the Bocage and the Krauts were deeply entrenched in this field with almost every conceivable weapon they, the Krauts owned. We managed to get into the field but were pinned down waiting for armored support. As time passed, our ammo was running out and as the armor showed up the Krauts blew the tracks off the tank making it useless.


Several more "Newbies" had gathered around and their mouths were opened wide enough to drive a 6by6 in there - drinking every word. We were just drinking (LOL)I don't remember all the details but the "Newbies" were hanging onto what the Tech was saying and he was casually drinking his beer and the ones the kids bought him. Straight faced as you please.


Finally he stopped and said it was too hard for him to talk about it anymore. You could see the disappointment on the "Newbies" faces. After a truly classic pause, the Tech lowering his head and feigning tears screams out to the kids "I HAD TO STOP BECAUSE WE WERE ALL KILLED BY THE KRAUTS'.


When they realized they had been taken, the "Newbies" were BS to say the least and the free beers stopped coming. I suggested we call it a night and find another "Slop Chute" for the next night's drinking.




Oh, so cruel. :pdt12::pdt12: Ya, it does sound funny now huh? 22 years old and being the "Old Men." I can see the table, smell the beer and picture the "6X6" mouths slack-jawed! Bet you could hear a pin drop! :o:o Ecoute!


:drinkin::drinkin::drinkin: Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition...

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

I guess you gotta break them in somehow.




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