A Home town Boy!!



A Home Town Boy:-


We had a guy that was continually homesick and going through a small town in Normandy he saw a Jeep with RED B-D-S letters painted across a metal plate on the radiator. "Be right back Sgt" he yelled to me and said "the rest of the word B-O-S-T-O-N" must have worn off.


Before I could stop him he got close to the jeep and I hear the words "Fire in the Hole" and just about that time there was a humongous explosion. and fortunatley he fell in a hole in the terrain. A good example of a conditioned reflex action!!


He came running back as white as a sheet and asked me "what the hell was that??"

I explained to him he hadn't been around long enough to know that the RED B-D-S meant Bomb Disposal Squad and they were exploding ordinance dropped by the AirCorps.


Last time he went looking for home town buddies!! :pdt::pdt:




Super! Next time I hear the word "Boston" I may hit the dirt and prepare for incoming. Ah, more humor in uniform, Sarge!



Marion J Chard
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Ah, speaking of incoming fire. I was at a slow time during work one day this week and I was reading a newspaper article about a bridge in a nearby county being named after a Vietnam MOH recipient. So I looked him up on the web and read about his citation.


They are building a huge intersection about a mile from my office and are doing blasting from time to time.


I really wish they wouldn't blow stuff up when I'm reading stuff like that.




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