The Guinea Pig's Club

The Guinea Pigs Club is a name adopted by a very special group of British and other Allied airmen in WWII who suffered horrific burns, and spent years in a special hospital undergoing dozens (some more than 100) operations and plastic surgery. At the same time they were receiving the psychological help and moral support needed to live with their life-long disfigurements by an equally special group of Plastic Surgeons and Nurses. These men have held annual reunions since 1945 and some are still active in helping other burn victims today. These men paid a very high price in defence of freedom and liberty...God bless them all! :pdt34:



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Again thanks for bringing attention to something that most of us are probably not familiar with. Being burned always frightens the hell out of me. Glad there was such an organization to help all these poor souls.

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On a happy note, most all of these men married, had families and had happy outcomes to their lives, thanks to the help they received. Also, one of the doctors recalled how these men seemed to attract some very pretty girls! That's my kind of story.. ;)





Yeah, mine too!! :pdt34:




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