The Decoration Parade



While stationed near a town in England we were asked to provide transportation to a Decoration Parade to be held in the War Memorial park for some wounded Brit Vets from Africa.


Our Co. told us that we were to be 100% squared away because the local press were to follow the story and as all the Brit Vets were locals. I decided to go down the night before and with help we used a string line to place pegs where our Jeeps would be parked during the ceremony. (Perfectly straight line)


Next day I checked all the men and told them they would be required to dismount and face the Brit colors when their National Anthem was played. Some of the men didn't know the Brit Anthem so I tried to explain it this way "When you hear them playing "My Country Tis of Thee" dismount face the flag and render a Hand Salute". The music is the same.


Next day in a typical Brit fashion they sent a few "Bobbies(cops) to help us out. In case we didn't know what to do etc. The "Parade went off just as they/we wanted and just before the Anthem was played I reminded the men about "MY Country Tis of Thee". After the ceremony the Bobbie in charge came and asked "Sarge just what the hell is a "My Country Tis of Thee" and he was really PO'd when all of us broke out laughing. Never did get to tell him what it was!!


"God Damn Yanks" he muttered as we started to drive off.




Glad to think that I actually GET THAT ONE! :lol::lol: That was a great story. My country tis of thee. Hey wait, didn't they STEAL our song? :lol::lol:

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