General George S. Patton



I hope these stories interest you. If not let me know as a former "Top" I have an alligator skin-not sensitive to criticism or correction offerred. Have more stories if they are wanted but don't want to be a bore.


Here's one more you may enjoy:- This is the "BAD PATTON"


Remember hearing snippets of this story at "Lucky Forward" (3rd Army HQ.) when someone dared to tell it.


The General is NOT always Right!!!!!


There was an editorial Writer for a Boston,MA newspaper by the name of Donald Murray(I believe he may now be deceased) who served time as an MP for the 101 AB Div. during WW II.




One day he,Don Murray,was at a cross-roads with a Staff Sgt. when Gen. Geo. Patton came down the road and asked where such and such a unit was.


Don was on the passenger's side so he saluted and asked permission to see the General's Sector map and proceeded to indicate the unit's position on the map. Gen. Patton said "OK driver take the right hand fork-that's the shortest route".


"I wouldn't if I were the General Sir" says Don!!"


Gen. Patton reaches over his driver's body and said "Staff Sgt. tell that Pvt.-he DOESN'T tell the General what to do and which way to go!


"But Sir said the Staff Sgt............." but zoom the General HAD gone

down the right fork.


Seconds later,after two bursts of a Schmeizer Machine Pistol,the jeep roars back through the cross road-burning rubber!!!!


Don and the Staff SGT. had to hide their laughter until the jeep was out of sight and sound because they saw the bullet holes in the right rear quarter panel of the jeep.


"TS" said the Staff-"you tried to tell him the Krauts were only a short ride down that road but we are only enlisted after all!!"


Too many times the Officers thought the MP was out there all alone for something other than his real purpose. Officers were never brought to a cross road and dropped off and then told hold this post until relieved or maybe even KIA like some of these men were.


That's how close Don and the Staff Sgt. were to the Krauts. Actually TOO CLOSE!!!!


Here is the "GOOD PATTON".


Here is a true anecdote in which I was personally involved and one which should show just how much he could be concerned for his men.


Sometime late in early Oct. there was to be a conference between Gen. Bradley;Gen.Patton and Gen. Hodges. We were asked to provide and escort for Gen. Patton to and from the conference. A Staff Car was provided for the Gen. and it was to be sandwiched in between an armored jeep,a half track in front and a half track and a jeep following. Being one of the lucky ones, I won the job of manning the .50cal MG on the trailing jeep which meant that I had to stand with both hands on the weapon. It was a cold,rainy miserable day and although the ride wasn't all that long,we became cold and wet to the skin before we arrived at the conference site.


As they entered the building,we were told by a Mess Sgt. there,that we could go around back and get some coffee if we wanted. Gen. Patton overheard this and bellowed(as only he could)-where is the ^%$%^%^^* )Mess Officer for this group. Relunctantly,the MO appeared and the Gen. told him that we were his escort and he(the MO)was to provide a HOT meal ASAP NOT just coffee. After that, he(the MO) was to arrange that we all get a clean dry set of uniforms for the trip back because his escort was to be able to function 100%.


I never knew that canned hot beef stew,with white bread and hot coffee would make a meal fit for a king. My hands were so cold I couldn't even open the buckle on my cartridge belt without help also would have had trouble with the thumbs on the .50cal on the Jeep.


I have to admit that by being a little sneaky I even got an extra set of new,dry socks to stuff inside my shirt. Up until this point we had called him(Very,Very quietly) every name in the book for riding in an enclosed Staff car while we had not cover at all.


Here,I think Love/Hate says it all


Here is General George Smith Patton our "fearlesss leader"





Fred: Sounds like he just might of had a good side once in a while.


Sgt Leo: Adore the stories on BOTH SIDES. This is up close and personal, like no one else can get. Keep 'em coming...


Have a favorite to share with you from one of my very dear vet friends, Bill. Here is the story:


Dear Marion:


You indicated your desire to hear of General Patton and I happen to have a brief anecdote that you may enjoy.


My unit had stopped at a chateau near Nancy, France for a brief overnight; our first night under cover in a couple of months. One of the fellows found a collapsible top hat which were quite popular in France. The next day, in the back of a 6X6 truck with about a dozen other Engineers, I pulled off my helmet, put on the top hat and was doing my rendition of Maurice Chevalier's "'Thank Heavens for Little Girls". About the time I got started, a jeep flew by and our truck suddenly came to a screeching halt. Who should appear at the tailgate, except the old man himself with his pearl handle revolver strapped on. He shouted. "who was that SOB with the top hat on" to which I responded . He directed me to fall out and for the next two or three minutes, dressed me down with every word of profanity I had heard of and then some, also dwelling on my family lineage in the same tone. I was dirty, unshaven and scared to death. He reached over and grabbed my shirt pocket flap and I thought he was actually going to hit me. He asked if that pocket had a button on it to which I affirmed resulting in another barrage regarding wearing of the uniform. After he finished with me then he glared at the men in the truck and shouted out, "you engineers boys are doing a damn good job, keep it up" and with that he was gone.


The occasion got my CO's attention and he got my mine. Any words Patton left out were deftly covered by the CO.


General Patton was a professional soldier; egotistical as hell, but a real soldier.


Needless to say, I became the recipient of barbs from the whole company for weeks on end.

Hope you enjoy my experience. I didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!



Bill Douglass

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

Never a bore, sir!!












Hope you are a girl or I'm out of here!!




HAHA, I guess it would be wise to clear that up, yes I am a girl. Just a hillbilly from West Virginia.








Thank the good Lord for that as I am a straight arrow and spent half the night worrying and the other half sleeping after you said H-U-G-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To me anybody Southof Maryland is a HillBilly(LOL) and the scares me as the first BN I was in there were only 82 men from North of the Mason Dixon line and you can imagine what that brought about.


Some of the guys from Kentucky had never walked on flat ground until the entered the Army.




flat ground.... what the heck is that??







They wuz Hill-Billies that never left the mountains until the war.


They used to call me a "Flat-Lander




They used to call me a "Flat-Lander


Geez, that's what we call the "downstaters" that come up from the city to our little town of Alger in the summer. Some people get the title, "citidiots"! Reserved for the VERY SPECIAL. :lol::lol:

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

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