The Greatest Generation

This is a wonderful book about about how the upbringing and values put upon these men that would make them great soldiers and leaders.


Its worth a read.


We have a copy too. I agree, it's worth having in your collection.

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There's "No Bridge Too Far"

Yep, I concur. Don't forget the second book in the series. The Greatest Generation Speaks.




I've got that one too!! A good companion to the big book.


And don't forget the 3-DVD set by Brokaw: The Greatest Generation. Many veteran interviews. :pdt34:





Thanks! Didnt know about that one. I will add that one to my DVD collection too!!!




Thanks again.




Once again I dislike the term "Greatest Generation" . To me the Greatest Generation

started in our Revolution and continued on till now and will continue on for each war

or conlict . Not just WW 2. To me it is derogatory to those who fought and are still

fighting for our country. So maybe rules have changed since I fought in WW w but

the same spirit has not changed. Only that some stupid rules have changed for our

troops since, and made it harder to fight and win. Sorry for the outburst.




Hadn't thought about it like that but agree to a point. How about Greatest Generation in my time. You see my generation (Vietnam Era) will be know for free love, smoking dope, running off to Canada, and demonstrating against the war as well as the men and women who fouhgt it. Yours for comming through the great depression and comming together as a Country to win a World War at great sacrifice. Your generation humbles me. Now I'll get off.




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