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Gentleman: Yes it does appear to be confusing, but I thought my previous post from a few weeks ago cleared all this up.


WORLD WAR II: The Regiment was called to federal service as part of the 36th Infantry Division on 25 November, 1940 and arrived at Camp Bowie, Brownwood, on 11 Jan 1941. 2d Bn detached in November, 1941. 1st Battalion was designated 131st Field Artillery Battalion (75 mm Truck), trained with the 36th Division, moved to Camp Blanding, Florida and Camp Edwards, Massachusetts, departing from New York for North Africa on 2 Apr 1943.


2d Bn, 131st Field Artillery ("The Lost Battalion"). After training with the 36th Division, the unit was separated from the 36th and assigned to the Pacific theater as a reinforcement for the forces in the Philippines. Sailing from the west coast of the U. S. in November, 1941, the unit was at sea at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack and was diverted to Australia. It was later sent as a reinforcement to Australian, British and Dutch forces in Indonesia and was captured by the Japanese in 1942 on the island of Java. The unit was used as slave labor by the Japanese on the Rangoon-Bangkok railroad from 1943-1945 and was liberated at the end of the war. Campaigns: East Indies, 1941-42. Distinguished Unit Commendation Streamer embroidered "JAVA".




The 1st Bn of the 131st FA was in Europe. The 2nd Bn was in the Pacific. Class dismissed! :pdt:

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