1945 War ended and we were advance Occupation Force Taegu,Korea.

We were the first Americans they ever saw. I told you about their tolets, a small hole in the floor and you sqwat on the floor. Four of us were picked to to guard a very large barn, and our out-post was a old 2 room building. We built a shower with wood and a barrel with a hole in bottom and a toilet seat to sit on over a hole in the ground. Every morning we found human waste on the seat, so one night we watched for a couple of hours. A Korean came and in-stead of sitting down he would sqwat on the toilet seat and miss the hole.

I don't know how far we were from our company camp but every morning a jeep would come with a stove and cook and we would have a hot breakfast. The rest of the day was K-rations. One day two of us went duck hunting with M-1 and a Carbine, and got 4 ducks.

Now if you are wondering what was in the barn so valuable that they kept for men there, we were too. So we broke the lock and went in-side and found the barn full of "RICE BOWLS. WHY -----.I don't know he's on second. Later we found that an other out-post had a barn full of Parachutes. I have some pictures of our out-post and our duty as M.P.s in Taegu,Korea. I do not know how to get them on a post but if you give me a e-mail address I will send them e-mail.


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