Dachau Liberated

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Thank you for the recommendation. I know I would love to read this. Books like these should be on must read lists for all high school students, not some of the trash they have. I am going to place the your links in the BOOK section also.
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There's "No Bridge Too Far"

I have seen my share of Holocaust photos and got many sleepless nights because of them as well. I can't believe there are actual "people" who deny the existence of these camps.

Here in Belgium is also a concentration camp.

It is called "Breendonk" (nearby village).

In fact in May 1940, this old fortress served as the HQ of the Belgian Army.

The Germans turned it into a real concentration camp after the surrender of the Belgian Army. And it was real horror there, believe me.


Then you have the Dossin Barracks in Mechelen too.

Here thousands of people (Jews, Resistance Fighters, Political prisoners, etc) were put on the trains to the bigger camps in Germany and Poland.

This was a "Transit Area" for these transports.


A black side in Belgium's history for sure.




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