To be honest and clear .

I'm not a badge collector ....

I'm just looking for ORIGINAL badges from WW 2 .

Why ?

Because I started a program in Belgium and I give speeches and talk about the war in schools .

To keep the memory alive so our youngsters know what happened over 62 years ago , so the next generation won't forget what all those brave soldiers did for us , Belgians .


I am trying to collect all I can get to show the students . I'm not a freaky ww2 collector but I need some ww2 stuff over here to use in class .


It does not matter what I can get because every item I use will tell it's own story .


So If anyone wants to send me an item , please be sure you send me the story too ...


Our teenagers must know what happened and we should keep the memory alive .


I prefer to receive badges but all items are welcome.....If there's a story on it ...


Mystudents are always looking forward to the day ( friday) when I start talking ...


They have the right to know .


So if some of you guys have some militaria to share , please let me know .


Always yours .


Lennon .




I collect DUI Pins---Distinguishing Unit Insignia that were worn on dress uniforms and the folding cloth "overseas" caps. These DUI pins were optional wear for some units but other units were required to wear them. I have about 50 or so. Some are WW2 vintage, where others are more modern versions ----but still produced for Army use. Sometimes you will see some that are copies made by Veteran's organizations.

I have a few extra. I'll have to go check. But these may not be any unit that you are interested in talking about. Most are from units that served in the Italian Camapign. But for example, I bought one the other day that was a pin for the 3rd Infantry Division, which resembles the blue/white striped square patch they wore. This one was probably made locally in Germany towards the end of the war.

I know I have 3 different versions of the 362 Infantry Regiment (91 Infantry Division). I also have an extra one for the 350 Infatnry Regiment (88 "Blue Devil" Infantry Division). This unit performed bravely in Italy and this DUI pin can fetch a good price: $25 at least. It is large and ornate---see below.

I know I have extras for the 5th Army. The pin resembles the shoulder patch. Soldiers who served directly under the command of the Army or the Division wore these pins. Then there is the one pin for an Airborne Regiment that has some chipped enamel. I would be willing to part with it.

Any DUI pin has a story, at least for the infantry regiments & artillery battalions. Each DUI pin has a story behind the design that usually dates back to its WW1 history. If it was a National Guard unit, the pin may reflect the local history of the state where it served. Some of the typical symbols are explained on my webpage.

Here is a webpage I created that has examples of 30 DUI pins. Most of these are part of my collection but NOT all.

DUI Pins


I would be glad to help you obtain some Pins. I know they are hard to find in Europe. Drop me an email.





DUI_350IR_88ID.jpg.................... DUI_168_34ID.jpg

.... 350 Infatnry Regiment ........................... 168 Infantry Regt (34 ID)


......... DUI_3QM_3ID.jpg............... DUI_180.jpg

......... 3 Infty Div QM ....................... 180 Infantry Regt (45 ID) (my first DUI)



....... Various Support Units of 34th Division: HQ, Signal, QM


Thanks Custerman !


I have to check first which pin I can use .

I know every pin has it's story , every patch has its story .


I just have to figure out which is the best to talk about to students ( age 16-19) .

At the moment I'm more looking for patches like the Big Red One , Basic Camp patches , Jumpwings , medals , etc.....


Steve , I want to get their attention . So the pins or Patches must be related to a BIG story . Because that's what they will remember .....




I want to get their attention . So the pins or Patches must be related to a BIG story . Because that's what they will remember .....

Also, the ones that relate close to Home will be remembered. I remember that when I was in Normandy, a dealer was interested in my patch of the 2nd Infantry Division, which landed there on D-Day+1.

The ones that are big over there are probably hot here in the US. I can probably get them cheaper here. I only have a few DUI pins. I do have several extra divisional patches and Air Force patches. I even have an 8th Air Force patch that is getting hard to find and can cost as much as $25. They probably flew missions over your country.

I could also part with my Patton's 3rd Army patch.

Basic Camp patches

What are those?


I don't have any jump wings but I do have an extra Combat Infantryman's Badge without the wreath.

I hope that I can help because this guy in Italy sent me some items without me asking. He sent me his own grandfather's Italian Army helmet in perfect condition and an Alpini hat. Just arrived today. Of course, I plan to find him something for exchange.




Also, the ones that relate close to Home will be remembered. I remember that when I was in Normandy, a dealer was interested in my patch of the 2nd Infantry Division, which landed there on D-Day+1.

Steve ,


The ones that relate to Belgium or France and the Netherlands are most important to me too . Like that 3rd Army patch could be great material to show.


Steve: Your CIB without the wreath is an EIB Expert Inf. Badge. When they were issiued the GI could wear them Both. That did n ot last long.


THe EIB required more to earn it. Every Infantry man who servred in Combat goot the CIB AND eerned it thr hard way.


I never quite understood what it was. I assumed that a soldier was trained for Infantry. Then he would maybe take some specialized training and obtain the EIB. Then when he entered combat he was awarded the CIB.

Can you explain the differences in the EIB and the CIB with and without the Star. Would you see the EIB worn overseas? Would you see it worn by Officers or maybe staff members who took a job doing something "behind the lines"?? Or did they basically do away with the EIB?

I have one book that only states the EIB was instituted on 11 Nov 1943 as an award for good service.

I have a Basic Field Manual that explains badges and stripes(overseas, etc) but it does not mention the CIB. Of course it is a older version with the old style overseas stripes illustrated.

Please explain more about the differences. It seems like I recently saw a high-ranking officer (maybe a Pentagon General) that was wearing the EIB. Is it still worn today?

Oh, I thought to check my Officer's Guide(circa WW2) and it doesn't seem to have anything on either badge.



Custerman: No way are the EIB and CIB related. The EIB is awarded for passing tests in training. The CIB was awarded for being under enemy small arms fire in combat.

The EIB is strictly for passing tests to get one. ( the safe way ). I beleive both came

out in late '43 but the Combat Medics badge didnt get authorized till early '45. Which

was not the way it should have been done and should have been authorized along with the EIB? and the CIB. Our Combat Medics were our lifeline to us dogfaces. They also

deserved the same credit. Never saw anyone sporting a EIB, in a Infanry outfit during

or after WW 2 prior to comming home.


Every GI I talked to over the years does cherish his CIB over ALL. Joe and everyone else says it like it is!

Marion J Chard
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I have discovered that also about the CIB. Apparently, a lot of the troops that earned them wore them and said forget it with the rest of the ribbons.


Custerman, do you have any 417th infantry regiment DUIs? I have three WWII originals and two repros.


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