Camp Satory – POW Camp for German soldiers

My dad's Separation Qualification Record states, “Spent approximately 30 months as composite unit commander. Commanded and received the first prisoner or war labor unit in Paris consisting of 250 men. Later increased to a camp of 1500. As unit commander was responsible for administration, training, and discipline of unit. Made decisions reguarding (sp) personel (sp) efficiency, discipline, training, work, and supply. Directed performance of duty and made regular inspections. Prisoners of war worked as largest engineering depot in France.”

According to the Internet: "Satory is an area south of Versailles in France. It is mostly known for its military camp..."

If anyone has information about this camp, I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you in advance.

Also, I have included a portrait of my dad one of the German prisoners painted for him while he was commander of that camp. It is spot on.Painting-Oil-POW.thumb.JPG.11595259e063f5ed97c21a9fee6c842e.JPG

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