Why I like Tank Destroyers ...

Ask an old dogface what he thinks of them. saw'em in action No. Africa & Salerno Italy and beyond.

34th Inf Divn.


Sir, I know they had a bad reputation at first.

But please keep in mind that they were green units fighting against experienced German and Axis armor.

As in the Infantry or any other branch, you had good units and bad units.


Second, accuse the leadership at high level for the inadequate means and training these men underwent.

The Tank Destroyer Force was created to fight off "masses of German Armor" long before there was mention of the Panther or Tiger tank.

Heck, some Battalions had towed 37 mm and 57 mm guns to engage German armor.

One better could throw potatoes at the German tanks ..... might have been more successful.


My hat is off to any soldier of the Allied Forces, no matter what branch they served in.

It just happens I like reading about and collecting the TD / Armor stuff.


Have a great ending of 2009 and all the best for 2010.

I let my girlfriend send the kisses as I'm not into kissing men. :blink:




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