North Hills man sees father's grave after 60 years

I cannot even begin to imagine how emotional that was for Larry. Just thinking about simply BEING at Anzio would be overwhelming for me - even though my own Dad came home.


Dad left the physical place behind, but never the psychological Anzio.

There were times when he'd appear lost in thought, not hearing anything & I wonder now if there were Anzio sights, sounds, feelings he was remembering. These were things he was unable to share with us - how could he? What words could he use to convey it? You'd have to ask him directly about it, and the most you'd get was a few words like : "Anzio - terrible, terrible!".


Even for those Vets who survived Anzio, I think part of who they'd been before, remained on that beachhead.


You are right. I have made myself forget and then after over

64 years you just don't remember. LARRYS' DAD was in the

same regiment that I was in.(135th)The 34th made 3 landings,

Algiers, No. Africa, Salerno. Anzio. I would love to go back and

visit some of my buddies. 'nuf said gotta go rocky


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