She was buried in bottle : A letter from 1918 to a soldier , exhumed in Lorraine



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She was buried in a bottle : a letter from 1918 to a soldier, exhumed in Lorraine


The rock band the Police sang, history did the rest:"Message in a bottle " Buried by an American non commissioned officier in 1918 and found during archaeological excavations in 2004 to Messein (Meurthe-and- Moselle ) Has been communicated to his family in Texas , 90 years later .

At the root of this beautiful fable, " Aunt Pete " Oklahoma City sends 15 Februry 1918 a missive to his nephew, Sergeant Vickers Morres liepman, mobilized in eastern France for the first G World War . " In fact,Pete's aunt called luna. But it was very common for a girl at that time to wear a nickname boy," Says Cecil Joseph (CJ) Liepman,the grandson of sergeant.

Luna tells military to the vicissitudes that war inflicts on a woman easy it is " Almost impossible to get help from anyone home "and" Those that can still hire likely to be enrolled at any time, " A lot of black ( front) starting tomorrow,"She observes.

"Aunt Pete " Censorship also regrettedthat leads the army to carve the letters of his nephew. She finally tells him that she knits socks or progress in the small french Louis.

The message is ultimately very banal. His destiny is a lot less.




Roulée in a beer bottle and then buried firmly shut, it will sommeiller peacefully during 86 years.Excavations preventive conducted at the site of the Messein will reappear in April 2004.

C went past a foggy moming spring Lorrain , " Recalled Marilyne Prévot ,archaeologist at the national institue of Preventive Archaeologial Research ." At first i thought it was a joke , " She agrees.

Soon, the bottle is époussetée , his neck broken and the letter " in perfect condition " output and read , according to M M E Preévost ." It was like kids . Although our daily lives is to find remnants of the past, therewas unprecedented." thefour slips" Aunt Pete" Are sent for restoration to the national archives. The story is finally released four years later, the 6 february 2008 . A british daily resumed its hitory . The web is appealed. And the grandchildren of Sergeant Liepman are quickly recovered.

One learns while the NCO , demobilized in 1919, had talent as an artist , he has once again committed to the second World War and he died in 84 years in Fort Worth ( Texas) 1980.

" My grandfather did not talk much about his experience of war. This history we made known. It was known that he was in the same division as the future President ( Harry) Truman , " Says his grandson CJ Liepman.

For that, his family is proud that he has buried the bottle , " He says adding" I hope it has also appreciatted beer !!




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