60th Inf Div - video at the Kasbah - North Africa

Jason wrote back to me and said, feel free to use the video and the photo I am posting here. Thanks Jason.


Here is the description regarding this photo:




For those of you all who are not familiar with Operation TORCH on the west side of Africa, Patton led an attack on French Morocco. Part of the attack was the take over of the port city of Port Lyautey. This city, now called Kenitra, took three days to conquer. I should probably not refer to it as a city, so much as a group of villages and a fortress/kasba. The 60th Regiment was charged with taking on this job, and started work on Nov 7, 1942. On day one of their attack, they established a beach head. On days two and three they took over the Kasba, and then the airfield and town of Port Lyautey. This was a pivotal battle. If you have a chance, take a look at 60thinfantry.com for more information and details. If anyone has more information please tag in on this thread.


Jason Morris

60th Infantry Regiment 1941-1945


Researching and Remembering the 60th Infantry Regiment in World War II


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